The big why this month

So I’m freaking out about my decision to apply to consulting firms for my summer internship – not that I’ll definitely get in, it’s a very challenging recruitment process. Interviews will in two weeks in New York, five back-to-back interviews if I got through all stages. Tough process indeed. But still, I’m freaking out cause this is not why I’m coming to business school.

Talked to a friend who used to work in the consulting industry and she said: are you serious you wanna work in consulting? This does not sound like you. Do you wanna talk about it?

And then talked to another friend I used to work together. He asked, “what do you wanna be in 5 years?” I answered rather quickly “a mom of healthy children,” and then quickly added “and a wife, too, obviously,” and after a while added “and a chocolate entrepreneur.”

So, why am I doing this again?


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