Jangan buang-buang makanan

Ceritanya gue abis makan siang di rumah dan lagi mau cuci piring. Sebenernya di mangkuk gue masih ada serpihan tahu, paprika, dan kuah sichuan, tapi gue pikir “kenyang ah, lagian gak suka paprika juga”. Saat gue lagi buang sisa makanan tersebut, gue tiba-tiba inget nasihat temen lama gue tentang gak buang-buang makanan. Gue sering denger nasihat tentang gak buang-buang makanan dari temen ataupun keluarga, tapi nasihat temen gue ini gak bakal gue lupa.


Waktu itu gue dan temen lama gue, yang udah gue kenal semenjak sekolah dasar, ini lagi ketemuan buat ngobrolin proyek website fotografinya dia. Gue inget banget gue pikir enak banget kalo bisa kerja sesuai kesukaan dan dapet duit banyak kaya temen gue. Entah kenapa gue gak habisin makanan gue hari itu (mungkin itu salah satu masa impulsif diet gue), dan dia langsung ceramahin gue “jangan buang-buang makanan, orang lain banyak yang gak makan.” Gue cengengesan doang sambil bilang “abis kenyang.” dan siap untuk ngelanjutin pembahasan website.

Lalu temen gue bilang, “Serius gue nih.” Temen gue ini jarang ngomong serius, fyi. Bahkan kalo lagi ngomongin kerjaan juga dia bisa-bisanya bercanda. Jadi gue cukup kaget. Lalu dia cerita masa-masa awal dia mulai karir fotografinya. Kalau nggak salah dia masih kuliah waktu itu. Dia proyekan fotografi biar mamanya gak usah kirimin dia duit lagi. Mamanya single parent, dan temen gue ini punya 3 adik laki-laki, jadi temen gue ini gak pengen nyusahin mamanya. Tapi ternyata hidupnya sendiri juga jadi susah sekali waktu itu katanya. Dia bahkan pernah tidur di stasiun Trans Jakarta karena enggak punya ongkos pulang dan teman-temannya gak bisa dihubungin. Di masa-masa itu juga dia merasakan sulitnya cari makan, ga jarang dia skip meals. Lalu dia berpesan sama gue, “tiap kali gue mau buang sisa makanan, gue teringat saat gue gak bisa makan, saat gue gak ada duit. Jadi tiap lo mau buang makanan lo, gue harap lo inget temen lo ini pernah gak bisa makan, jadi lo gak jadi buang makanan lo.”

Nasihat “jangan buang-buang makanan” dan “orang di Afrika gak bisa makan loh” memang udah sering gue denger. Tapi baru kali itu gue mendengar orang dekat gue – teman beli permen bareng waktu kecil – pernah mengalami sendiri susahnya cari makan. Rasanya hati gue mengerut tiap kali gue ingat cerita temen gue. Dan ya, tiap gue mau buang sisa makanan, gue ingat cerita temen gue, dan gue berdoa agar dia gak pernah di posisi tersebut lagi.


Gue lihat kembali mangkuk gue, dan gue putuskan untuk menghabiskan serpihan tahu di dalamnya.



Extra happiness & gratitude today!


It is such a sweet surprise to read a WhatsApp message from my dear friend Rio, saying “cek fb ya” and found this video he made me. :’)

Been a wild 9 years ride, indeed. Thank you for all the good (and sad, annoying) memories and especially thank you for ALWAYS being there, lending me your ears and sometimes your shoulders, playing me piano companion for all sort of songs I requested – from Disney to Jazzy tunes. Thank you for knocking at my door with a box of martabak on my hardest time of the year. Thank you for never believing my “nothing”, my “ga ada apa-apa kok”, and my “i’m fine”, although you know you’re gonna spend hours listening to me mumbling and grumbling and moaning once I open my mouth. Thank you for keeping me as a friend no matter how annoying, blunt, hypersensitive, and childish I am. Am so glad & thankful to have met you in that English writing class 9 years ago – gee, we’re old. Hope the years will still count for long. Come back home, soon! 🙂

Long distance call.

There are always things to be thankful for everyday. Today’s is a long distance call from a very good friend of mine who’s competing in a choir festival in Spain – Festival de Musica de Cantonigros.

A little bit background story. This is a festival I aimed to participate with this choir I’m singing for, The Archipelago Singers, at the beginning of this year. But I didn’t pass the audition. My friend did. Of course, he’s always been such a good classical singer. Why did I want it bad? Because I, and he and our choir in college – ITB Choir, participated in that very same festival in 2009 and won 4th prize for a category. So I thought it’d be cool to go back there and win a higher prize. Well, from what my friend told me earlier this day, there could be a high chance of winning first prize for them. Fingers crossed.

So, it was pass midnight when I got a facetime call from an unknown number starting with a +34. Haven’t applied for any biz school nor conference in Europe, so I was pretty sure it was him. As soon as I answered the call, he showed me how big of a change it has been since 5 years ago. Well, first of all, the venue has changed. It used to be held in this huge green field with big tents. Not the best kind of place to sing choral music. Now it’s held in a rigid non-temporary building. The building looks quite nice and new, too, by the way. Not fancy but nice. Oh wait, that’s actually the only thing he showed me. But took quite some time to show all that! The rest of the call is him complaining about stuffs. Hahaha. I saw it coming but I didn’t think it’d be this soon. Anyways, I’m thankful for the call cause I got to see that big changes happen everywhere, so I know that I have to adapt just as rapidly. Above all, I’m thankful for the call, and any other long distance call from any friends, for it made me feel like my presence actually means something to some people – the people that matters. And that, my dear, makes me feel alive.

100 Happy Days – Day #15

My lifetime bestfriend is getting married! She just sent me this fabric for the bridesmaids’ dresses. :’)

We’ve been bestfriends since we were 8. We almost always sat next to each other for 6years. She always got the 1st/2nd best at school, I always got 3rd place haha. We went to english, math, physics, and music courses together, too. Oh and our parents are golf mates, too. So, we meet in the weekdays & weekend. Hahaha.

I can still remember how we giggled talking about boys when we were in higj school. I can still remember when we didn’t talk to each other for some reason I can’t remember. Hahaha. Oh my god! I can still remember how we love playing DDR (dance dance revolution) and went to a game center every weekend. Hahahahaa. And that day we sang Westlife song in front of the whole school for our high school farewell event huahahahha.

Well, yes..my dear friend, I certainly would be your bridesmaid. It’s an honor. It’s a pleasure. Ticket is booked. Now it’s time to get a good design for the dress. 😉