100 days of happiness and gratitude – day #49 – rendezvous


Again, I really feel that I’m blessed with people. Surrounded by people who love and care about me. They somehow always manage to find time for me. I couldn’t be more grateful for this blessing. And that day, my best friend Amel, my cousin Tia & Kemal (and Tia’s lil daughter Shaina) spare their time to meet me just before my flight. The people that hardly let me down. πŸ˜‰


100 days of happiness and gratitude – day #48 – Harau!



Canyon + waterfall. Even Kungfu Panda will easily find his inner peace here. Btw, the vegetation found in this area are very similar to those in Brazil. So, if you haven’t got the chance to go to Brazil, try going to West Sumatra! You can even see monkeys at this canyon. ;p

100 days of happiness and gratitude – day #46 – pamutusan & pagang island


Look at those happy faces! πŸ˜† We were in Pamutusan & Pagang islands in West Sumatera last Saturday. The perfect place for a getaway. Perfect place to swim. Imagine swimming in the green-blue ocean, and everytime your head goes up to breath the air, you breath fresh air and see the vast ocean, the green mountaineries, and the bright blue sky. And the sand…the white sands are just so soft, I just wanna lay down there for the whole day. Match it with bossanova and a good book. My perfect kind of holiday. Oh don’t you forget the shades! Most important item! πŸ˜€





That the world is round.


One fine dawn at Bromo, the famous volcano. We stepped out of the house, where we stayed for 2 days, at 2.30 in the morning. Why so early? So we can catch the sunrise. Am not an early starter, so this better be good. We got there at around 3.30am. Had our noodle soup, fried banana, and fried potato. 4.30am preparing for Shubuh prayer. It’s freezing! And the water, omg, I could freeze pudding in seconds with this water. Seriously, this better be good.

After Shubuh, we went to a spot near a tower. It’s almost at the top of the mountain. The sky was dark. And so I talked nonsense and sang whatever with my dear friend Gita. Some white color start showing up in the middle of the dark sky. Nice, I thought. Then, Gita and I resumed our nonsense. Little by little, the sky adds more color to itself. Red. Orange. Peach. Yellow. Pale blue. Light blue. Blue. Dark blue. Indigo. And black. With white twinkles in it. All those colors were like painted flawlessly inside a round roof-top. And suddenly, that the world is round makes all sense! I can see it being round. As round as can be! It’s beautiful. No, it’s something way more than beautiful. Mesmerizing. Stunning. Yet, very peaceful. It’s really hard to tell word by word. Nor it will be easy to say it with picture, for the camera couldn’t capture that roundfulness. You need to go see it yourself!

So, good, my friend, will be underestimating what I saw that dawn.